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Global Cooperation and Analytical Research Center  PU


Global Cooperation and Analytical Research Center  PU  contributes to the growth and application of research and technology, by delivering the latest information contained in  scientific journals  which in turn enables them to advance in research activities.

The mission of Global Cooperation and Analytical Research Center PU is to provide the worldwide scientific community with a platform for the innovative research and advancements in in different fields of science. Promote and support, by any means, high quality basic, strategic and applied research & development in all fields.

To support its mission NGO publishes the highest quality academic journals.


The JSIT is published four times  a year. The main objective of JSIT is to provide an intellectual platform for the international and local (or domestic) scholars. JSIT aims to promote interdisciplinary studies in humanities and innovative technology   development for becoming the leading journal in the world. JSIT is to provide a forum for the publication of scientific articles in the fields of business, humanities and technology.The journal was registered at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan on June 19, 2017. Registration number of adoption into publication-№ 4122.The journal was included into the "List of periodic scientific publications recommended for the publication of main contributions of theses in the Republic of Azerbaijan" by the decision of the Supreme Attestation Commission (dated   04.07.2018, protocol № -11-R) under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.The journal is published in Azerbaijan, Turkish, Russian and English. To be published in the Journal of Science and Innovative Technologies a paper must be substantial and original.


International Journal of Islamic Sufism is a peer reviewed international scholarly journal was launched in 2020, to investigate Islamic Sufism in the contemporary world.

International Journal of Islamic Sufism publishes articles, new book reviews, research papers, review papers, case studies, etc. in areas of Islamic Sufism. The journal also provides information about conferences, symposiums and events related to the field.

International Journal of Islamic Sufism serves as a platform for communicating wealthy findings in the field of Islamic Sufism to the researchers, students and readers. The presence of this journal is intended to respond to and inform the development of current academic issues related to Islamic Sufism.

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