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GPARC Charity

GPARC Charity

GPARC Charity Project & Services

Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan: “In all matters, employment, domestic and any other problem that may arise in a person's life – all government officials, central and local executive bodies must always be together with the families of martyrs and provide assistance. This is our duty.”

Giving to charity or nonprofit organization is not a business transaction. It is a connection with humans and the world. Charity is of great importance for people to get rid of difficult situations -- to overcome sorrows, sufferings, and troubles, and continue their lives in peace. GPARC has played an important role in this process since its establishment in 2018.

The GPARC holds social projects with different organizations and our teams are stationed in different cities of Azerbaijan, ready for action at all times. The GPARC provides social aid, cultural aid, educational aid, different assistance programs for the families of martyrs and veterans of the Patriotic War, and other aid programs in Azerbaijan. With the support from charitable organizations since 2019, the Global Cooperation and AnalyticaL Research Center PU has been endeavoring to relieve the sufferings of the people and protect the honor of humanity in Azerbaijan. It provides services such as aid, social works,  education and training, youth services, as well as operating different charitable projects. GPARC, a charity associated with the Trade Union Republican Committee of  Azerbaijan Water Economy, formed a volunteer group of  20  people for aid distribution in different regions of Azerbaijan.

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