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Women's Research and Development Centre

Women’s Research and   Development Centre is a center with a primary focus on education rights and socio-economic empowerment of marginalized and disadvantaged girls and women. The Center collaborates with scholars and activists on interdisciplinary scholarly, creative, and pedagogical projects in the fields of Women's Studies. It also aims to minimize various forms of injustice and prejudices by striving for an equal and just society. The mission of the center is to facilitate accessibility and opportunities for education, health, economic development, and social security for marginalized and disadvantaged communities. The WRDC creates innovative programming to engage students, staff, and the surrounding community in discussing issues of women issues and gender in our society. The broad objectives of  WRDC  are to increase women’s awareness, resources, and opportunities for effective participation in the economic, political and social life of the country.

The Center’s aim is to produce an improved understanding of the lives of women and the role of gender in society. Center staff members view research activities as collaborations in which all partners work towards the same goal. The Center encourages and supports collaborative research at WRDC through a variety of activities.

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