Global Cooperation and Analytical Research Center Public Union’s China Center for Scientific Research and Education  connects people with the right kind of learning opportunities from China. Whether you want to learn Chinese language, study in China, understand education in China, this is the right place to start.It is  aimed  at a better understanding  of education in China through through hosting scholars, researchers, providing educational access and opportunity through scholarships.

We offer Educational Programs Including:


  • Summer Camp and Practicum Programs in the China,

  • Attending a University in the China,

  • Study & Explore in China,

  • HSK Language Courses etc.

Learning Chinese language becomes more and more important with the growth of the Chinese economy. There is about one fifth of the population in the world that speaks Chinese language. To learn Chinese language seems to be much more difficult than to learn other languages, as Chinese characters cannot be spelled out with alphabets; the Chinese characters can only be visually comprehended. In other words, spoken Chinese characters and the written Chinese characters are not phonetically related. The grammar of Chinese language, however, is relatively simple. Almost all Chinese words have only one grammatical form, which makes Chinese language not only grammatically logical, but also pragmatic, related to the particular way of Chinese thinking.

Why Learn Chinese Language?

Trade activities flow like water between China and US, Europe. Learning Chinese language will give any business an advantage over the competition within this market. Mandarin Chinese is now the most useful business language after English

Langma Language Center offers Chinese language courses (HSK) taught by native speakers from top universities. HSK is divided into three categories:  beginning level (HSK Basic), elementary to intermediate level (HSK Elementary-Intermediate), and advanced level (HSK Advanced).



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