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Water Innovation Competition

The purpose of the competition:

Promotion of modern (smart) and efficient solutions in drinking and waste (waste) water in our country, reduction of negative pressures (footprint) on the environment through the recycling of waste (waste) water, study of advanced and progressive technologies in this field, including international experience and application, in order to strengthen the close cooperation of the public and private sectors in the relevant field, the "1st Water Innovations" competition will be held by the "Water Management Trade Union".​


Terms of the competition:

The "1st Water Innovations" competition will allow local start-up projects to be presented to well-known local and international investors, experts and mentors of the ecosystem and create a fertile discussion platform. Young people up to 29 years of age who are studying or have graduated from educational institutions across the country can participate in the competition. It is planned to be organized in 2 stages. The start-up projects to be presented will be "Water management, efficient solutions and advanced technologies", the second panel will be "Wastewater management, recycling and environmental impacts", and the third panel will be around "Water quality management, measurement and control technologies". Startup ideas and project applications will be accepted through the online forum for the 1st stage. Young people who have obtained the right to participate in the 2nd stage will be prepared for the presentation. During the event, local start-ups will have a chance to receive investment by speaking in front of investors. Also, the participating guests will be able to familiarize themselves with the startup network.

1 Sea water desalination technology;

2 Water management, efficient solutions and advanced technologies;

3 Waste water management, recycling and environmental impacts;

4 A competition is announced for start-up projects related to water quality management, measurement and control technologies.

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